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Glute Workout


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Booty Building Program is a 8 week training program created by Miss Emma Troupe!
BBP focuses on building the glute muscles and strength while sculpting the entire body with UNIQUE and effective workouts.

Gym Equipment is required

Lower body/glute focused program.

Focuses on building the glute muscles, creating stronger glutes that allow you to lift heavier through strength and conditioning training. 

Learn glute activation, how to create a peachier shape and reduce muscle imbalances in the lower body.

Sculpt and define your lower body with killer leg days. Upper body day's are included!

Increase your strength while becoming more comfortable with your training & confident in the gym and in your day to day lifestyle. 

Includes step by step guidelines on how to use the program for YOUR OWN SPECIFIC GOALS - Weight Loss, Weight Gain or Body Recomposition (replacing body fat with muscle). 

4 x per week, 8 weeks. 45 minutes - 1 hr workouts
Muscle split workouts (glute, lower and upper)
Conditioning training - become a better athlete 
Video Demo's for each exercise showing proper form 
Gute Activation and Core Circuits provided

Certified nutritional guidance including tips on how to eat over the 8 weeks
Macro-Nutrient guidelines (how much protein, carbs and fat) to have in your daily meals to reach your goals more successfully
Meal plan is not included. Macro Meal Plan is available in the shop

Access to the Miss Emma Community FB Page: provides confidence, support and advice from likeminded women to help you stay committed over the 8 weeks and in the future! 

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Questions? Feel free to ask through the contact page